Magee Management Advisors, LLC


We have been recently been hired to implement:

Services focus:

  1. Client Relationship Management

  2. Leadership and Organization Alignment

  3. Strategic Planning, Innovation

  4. Business Process Improvement

  1. MMA provides advisory and business implementation services – with special focus on operational process improvement and growth initiatives, commercialization, change management, interim general management, marketing and business plan development. Clients include the manufacturing, high tech, pharmaceutical / medical devices, healthcare, and financial services industries.

  2. We have guided organizational transformations, conducted workshops, and coached business process improvement projects, using Lean Six Sigma, change and project management concepts. We have project managed the restructuring of a multi-million dollar business and led organizational transformation to achieve global scale and cost-reduction objectives. Other assignments have included new business development, strategic planning, product marketing, product launch, and customer services.

Business Consulting to help you drive Growth and Operational Excellence

  1. Product / Offerings Development & Management:

  2. Innovation, Design, Development & Manufacturing

  3. Product Launch Process Improvement

  4. Enterprise-wide Marketing Assessment & Improvement

  5. Offerings Portfolio Management

  6. Workload balancing support

  7. Operational Improvement:

    1. Client relationship Management

    2. Supply chain Process improvement

    3. Sales force effectiveness

  8. Customer Value Chain Operations Management

  9. Business forecasting tools

  10. Business Process Improvement

    1. Project Team Mentoring & Coaching

    2. inventory management

  11. Strategic Planning & Organization Alignment:

  12. Visioning & Strategic Planning / Strategic Thinking

  13. New Line of Business Development & Implementation

  14. Change Management

  15. Building Organizational Trust

  16. Organizational integration & new acquisitions

  17. Business case development

  18. Building Organizational Learning

  19. Knowledge and Skills Building:

  20. Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

  21. AssessmentsEQ-i Leadership EQ And Collaboration

  22. Project Management; Risk Management

  23. Lean Six Sigma

  24. Leading / Managing Teams; Building Collaborative, Cross-Cultural, Virtual Team

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